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ENCUSA - G21 Bioscience Co

G21 Bioscience Co. is located in California, USA

G21 Bioscience Co has FDA and CGMP certifications, to ensure the quality meets the highest standards

G21 Bioscience Co is also part of the Natural Products Association in U.S.A.s coach.

The production base of G21 bioscience Co. is located in California, the United States. It was established in 1994 and covers an area of 3000 square meters. The air is fresh. The temperature and humidity are stable all year round.G21 has nearly 30 years’ technology research and development and global raw material collection network in the field of biotechnology.It also has a professional scientific research team and production laboratories equipped with multiple production lines to ensure the output and good quality of the nutritional supplement products.The average annual output of American factories is more than 2 billion pieces.The product has CGMP,FDA,NPA,CIQ and other international and domestic authoritative certification.CGMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)is a strict certification of production enterprises. CGMP certification process requires world-class technology, advanced equipment and the highest standard system control.The brands of G21 are all over the world. ENC is a high-end nutritional food brand jointly built by G21 and Weigang which is the largest memory group company in Asia.It is mainly engaged in NMN series which are high-tech anti-aging repair gene products.

In order to ensure the product quality,The products of ENC adhere to the nearly rigorous raw material source audit system, fully considering the environmental factors of raw material planting or breeding.Raw materials of ENC products are selected from all over the world, pursuing safety and high quality.Our vitamin C comes from pomegranates from Western Europe, seabuckthorn from Eastern Europe and organic roses and cherries from the West Indies. Our fish oil comes from Norway and our propolis comes from Brazil.All ingredients of raw materials have been strictly selected. Even though they have been inspected by various levels, all raw materials must pass the pre-production tests in the isolation area again before entering the production area, and finally put into production.”Pure natural pollution-free” of raw materials, combined with advanced extraction technology and strict control of each production link, make the products of ENC become the best of the same kinds of products.

ENC is a high-end nutrition and health food brand created by G21.Top R & D technology in anti-aging field and mature biological product extraction technology are introduced. With world-class production technology support, the synergy of reasonable compound formula is more conducive to human absorption.ENC committed to promote the progress of anti-aging industry in China and the world, accelerate the process of new product listing and improve R & D and production.The aim of ENC is to benefit life and health and make healthy China.


Over the past half century, many nutrient elements that exist in nature (plants, sea, earth) have been discovered, and research work on this is also changing day by day. In the next 50 years, no one can predict how many more nutrients will be discovered. However, the discovery of nutrient elements is only the first step in the synthesis of human health food. The birth of a new product is based on people’s knowledge and research on nutrients and human physique science.

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Every product is produced through strict production procedures. According to the needs of each product, our researchers try their best to test the quality, purity and content of the selected raw materials. In order to produce the best quality products, from the beginning to the end, we carry out strict professional quality control on the production process. All products have passed strict FDA and GMP certification to ensure the excellent quality of nutritional supplement products.