Healthy joints as flexible as the wind

Main raw materials/Ingredients:

Sorbitol, shrimp skin powder, crab powder, oyster powder, salmon powder, sodium hyaluronate, edamame, broccoli

Product content :

Each tablet contains Glucosamine 450mg, Chondroitin 50mg, Calcium Carbonate 250mg, Vitamin D3 125IU

Product specifications:

1.3g × 90tablets

Directions for use:

Take 2 capsules per day


Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening.

Great and Suitable for:

Mid-aged and elderly people and who with joint discomfort

  1. Patients with arthritis, joint pain, and swelling
  2. Fracture patients with frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, rheumatoid hyperplasia, and sciatica
  3. People who want to prevent joint diseases and various types of arthritis, including rheumatism and rheumatoid

Product Features:

  1. Natural raw materials, compound formula. Using the best quality of shrimp, crab, oyster, fishbone, and other raw materials to extract amino sugar, chondroitin, calcium, vitamin D, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients. The composite formula made by the process is more effective and more stable than a single component supplement.
  2. High-content, high-quality dietary supplements for the daily health of the joints for middle-aged and elderly people: to promote cartilage tissue health.


Nutrition Knowledge:

Nowadays, nearly one-sixth of the world’s population suffers from pain caused by arthritis! With the aging, the speed of glucosamine synthesis cannot keep up with the speed of decomposition which causing the body and joints will lack of glucosamine gradually, then the metabolism of the joints will be affected. Secondly, the surface of the articular cartilage will gradually wear and degenerate by long-time using. There is even pain and inflammation, which is clinically called Osteoarthritis. In addition, due to sports and occupational injuries also caused cartilage be destroyed and joint pain.


High-purity glucosamine is the element extracted from shrimp skin, crab meal, etc., which are commonly found in human cartilage, muscle bonds and other joint tissues. It can stimulate the reconstruction of injured cartilage. To stimulate cartilage cells produce more collagen, glycoprotein and Glycosaminoglycan, because the more glucosamine in cartilage, the more new collagen, glycoprotein and glycosaminoglycan will produce which leads to more lubricating fluid can be absorbed, so the healthier the joint cartilage will naturally be.


Fishbone meal contains natural chondroitin which is the main component that forms the joint fluid and nearby tissue liner. It can help synovial fluid become silky and elastic, stimulating the growth of connective tissues (such as cartilage) in the body, and rebuilding cartilage that has been losing.


Oyster meal contains taurine, choline, protein, zinc, iron, and other minerals which is rich in calcium. Calcium is the most abundant mineral but often demand exceeds supply in the human body. It is an important component in the construction of teeth, bones, and the functioning of the nerve and muscle systems. Especially, very important to developing children. Long-term lack of calcium will not only leads to osteoporosis easily, but also has an adverse effect on nerve conduction, muscle contraction, and endocrine balance in the body, and may even reduce the development of intelligence. Therefore, adequate calcium can prevent osteoporosis for elderly and reduce the risk of fractures for children.


Salmon meal contains vitamin D to promote calcium absorption. There are two sources of vitamin D: one is to absorb from food through eating, the other one is to convert from cholesterol in the body. When the human body is exposed to sunlight, the cholesterol in the skin will be transmuted into vitamin D. It is the main source of vitamin D in our body to help the intestine absorb calcium and phosphorus.


Sodium hyaluronate in the human body can extract a large amount of hyaluronic acid, also known as HA which exists in all bones of the entire body to connect of tissues, joints, tendons, and cartilage structures. Especially, a type of cartilage called hyaluronic that covers the ends of the bones and provides cushioning. HA can help buffering bones and providing wear resistance, so it can be used to relieve pain and tenderness associated with degenerative joint diseases. It is also found in the orther important part of our joints: the synovium, which forms a coating on the two joint bones and produces synovial fluid. It is a kind of mucus that helps joints absorb shocks, maintain elasticity, and deliver nutrients to cartilage.

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