Super nutritious, easy to absorb


Main raw materials/Ingredients:

Purity soybean peptide powder

Product content :

Each bag contains 500mg/100g of low sodium, low salt and healthy micromolecule: average molecular weight is about 600 Daltons. Fast absorption: high peptide content, peptide content ≥93.6%. Better impact: use non-GMO soybeans.

Product specifications:


Directions for use:

Mix 1 bag with proper amount of warm water and stir well before serving


Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening.

Great and Suitable for:

  1. People with low immunity, poor physical fitness, and susceptible a cold
  2. People with poor digestion and absorption
  3. People who are in recovery period after childbirth, surgery or illness
  4. People with ‘three highs’, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  5. People with high nutritional requirements, such as pregnant women, students, athletes, and mental worker

Product Features:

  1. Rich in nutrition and easy to absorb: soy peptides are rich in essential amino acids, have a good balance of essential amino acids and easy to digest and absorb. The absorption rate is 20 times higher than normal protein.
  2. Independent packaging, convenient to carry and easy to serve.


Nutrition Knowledge:

In Anti-Dühring (1907) Engels pointed out: Life is the way proteins exist. Almost all organs and tissues in our body contain protein, and the protein undergoes metabolism constantly, so we need to supplement protein every day to maintain a dynamic balance The protein powder as widely used is generally a protein powder made of purified soy protein, which belongs to macromolecular protein. When the human body absorbs the protein from food, the digestive system needs to decompose the macromolecular protein into micromolecular peptides and small amino acids, and then it can be absorbed by the human body by passing through the special absorption system in the human’s small intestine.


Soy peptides use the enzymolysis technology to decompose macromolecular proteins into micromolecular peptides directly which are easily absorbed and high usage. The soybean peptide obtained by enzymolysis technology has high biological activity that concurrently nutrition and function, so can give full play to its unique physiological effect.


Soy peptide powder also contains a variety of biologically active peptides which have a variety of physiological functions, including anti-oxidation, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood lipids, anti-fatigue, enhancing immunity and so on. It can be taken for a long time, whether gentleman and beauties or fitness lovers, three highs’ people, menopausal women, the elder and even sub-healthy people who stay up late to work overtime.


Main Effects:

  1. Enhance physical fitness and anti-fatigue

Soy peptides can enhance physical fitness. For example, athletes have to take a lot of daily exercises, and theirs body consumes nutrients several times faster than ordinary people. So, they have nutritional disorders easily and muscles are always in a state of exhaustion which takes a long rest for body recovery. However, after using of soy peptide powder, the speed of muscle recovery improves a lot, and so as the vitality. It shows that soy peptide powder is very suitable for athletes to use and is suitable for the people who have regular exercise and huge activities.

  1. Improve immunity

Soy peptides contain arginine and glutamic acid. Arginine can increase the volume and health of the thymus—the important immune organ of the human body. When many viruses invade the human body, glutamate can produce immune cells to fight off the virus.

  1. Promote fat metabolism and lose weight

Soy peptide can promote the activation of sympathetic nerves, induce the activation of brown adipose tissue function, thus facilitate energy metabolism. Reduce body fat effectively while keeping the weight of skeletal muscle. In addition, when taking soy peptides to young obese people, it was found that it can reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, increase heat dissipation and improve basic metabolism.

  1. Reduce blood pressure, blood fat and cholesterol

①Reduce blood pressure: Soy peptides achieve the function of reducing blood pressure by inhibiting the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). ACE has an important physiological function in regulating blood pressure in the renin-angiotensin system. Renin acts on angiotensinogen. ACE can convert angiotensin X to Y, which can constrict peripheral blood vessels and increase blood pressure. Soy peptides aim to inhibit the activity of ACE, so it can prevent the constriction of blood vessels and achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure, while not work on normal blood pressure. Therefore, it has a significant effect on patients with cardiovascular disease, and certainly harmless, safe and reliable to normal people.

② High cholesterol and high saturated fatty acid intake: excessive intake of calories in the diet, unhealthy lifestyle, family inheritance are all factors that causes hyperlipidaemia. When human body digests and absorbs cholesterol, it needs bile acids secreted by the gallbladder. Soy peptides stimulate duodenal secretion during the absorption process which causing strong contraction of the gallbladder to promote bile acidification, destroying the absorption of cholesterol, and then making cholesterol discharged into the intestinal cavity continuously with the bile. Thus, the absorption and utilisation of cholesterol in small intestine and large intestine are reduced to achieve the purpose of reducing cholesterol.

  1. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging

The antioxidant effect of soybean peptide is related to the amino acid composition of the peptide fragment obtained by its hydrolysis. Several antioxidant peptides isolated by Chen et al. have a common feature, that is containing more histidine and tyrosine. They believe that antioxidant polypeptide fragments are composed of 5 to 16 amino acid residues with a relative molecular weight of 600 to 1700. The antioxidant activity exhibited by peptides is mainly due to the elimination of free radicals or metal ions by histidine and tyrosine. Afterwards, Chen et al. synthesised 28 other peptides based on P3 containing 2 histidine’s and studied their antioxidant activity. They pointed out that PHH and LHH have strong antioxidant activity, it can inhibit the activity of free radicals well and stop the damage and aging issue caused by free radicals effectively.



  1. Do not having with an Empty Stomach: the blood sugar will be very low when people fasted. If drink it on an empty stomach, soy peptides will be decomposed in a large amount to generate heat, that not what we need. It is recommended to eat some food first to let the protein powder exert its due effect well.
  2. Breakfast is the best time to consume soy peptides: according to the body’s biological clock, supplementing soy peptides in the morning is easier to absorb. The protein intake for breakfast should account for about 70% in whole day’s the protein intake, so it is recommended to consume soy peptide powder in the morning or after meal.
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