ENC YAM COMPLEX Pressed candy


Main raw materials/Ingredients:

Sorbitol,yam, rose rugosa cv., plena,cranberry, chrysanthemum, garlic, soybean, barley leaves, pine pollen, sesame pollen, tomato, grape, pomegranate,goji,date, potentilla glabra var., mandshurica,carrot, acerola cherry, Agaricus bisporus, yeast powder,green soy bean, Broccoli, malt, spinach, black sesame, figs, oat, laver, brown rice, small shrimp powder, walnut, asparagus, citrus fruit

Product content:

Each two tablets contain Vitamin A 10000IU,Vitamin D 400IU,Vitamin E 125IU,Vitamin C 250mg,Calcium 500mg,Magnesium 200mg,Vitamin B1 80mg,Vitamin B2 80mg,Niacin 80mg,Vitamin B6 80mg,Pantothenic Acid 80mg,Ding Quai 50mg,Citrus Bioflavonoids 25mg,Bee Pollen 25mg,Cranberry 25mg,Red Clover 25mg,Ipriflavone 25mg,Betain Hydrochloride 25mg,Iron 18mg,Zinc 15mg,Wild Yam 15mg,Vitex Extract 15mg,Chamomile 15mg,Potassium 10mg,Choline 10mg,PABA 10mg,Deodorized Garlic 10mg,Alpha Lipoic Acid 10mg,Manganese 5mg,Royal Jelly 5mg,Soy Isoflavones 5mg,Barley Grass 5mg,Hesperidin Complex 5mg,Copper 2mg,Boron 2mg,Silicon 2mg,Yarrow Flowers 2mg,RedRaspberry Leaves 2mg,Lycopene 1mg,Coenzyme Q10 0.5mg,Pycnogenol 0.5mg,Folic Acid 0.4mg,Iodine 150mcg,Vitamin K 150mcg,Selenium 100mcg,Chromium 100mcg,Vitamin B12 80mcg,Biotin 80mcg,Molybdenum 50mcg,Inositol 10mg,NMN 3mg

Product specifications:

1.775g x 60 tablets


Take two(2) tablets daily

Storage Method:

Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening.

Nutrition Knowledge:

Wild yam is the root of Dioscorea and Dioscorea zingiberensis. Wild yam contains a lot of DHEA, diosgenin, fine diosgenin, Smilax China, Smilax China, hydroxybenzyl tartaric acid and other substances.

DHEA is commonly known as sex gold, chemical name: dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). In fact, it is a kind of androgen. It is an intermediate used in the manufacture of steroids, which has the function of anti-aging and protein assimilation. It is an intermediate used in the manufacture of steroids, which has the function of anti-aging and protein assimilation.

Because women’s urethra is shorter than men’s, they are more likely to have infection problems, and once urinary tract infection occurs, it is easy to relapse even after cure. Cranberry will acidify the urine and make the urinary tract an environment where bacteria are not easy to grow. In addition, cranberry has a mechanism that can prevent the disease making bacteria from adhering to the cells in the body, making it difficult for the bacteria causing urinary tract infection to adhere to the wall of urinary tract.

Lycopene can also reduce skin damage caused by radiation or ultraviolet (UV). When UV irradiates the skin, lycopene in the skin combines with the free radicals produced by UV to protect the skin tissue from damage. Compared with the skin without UV irradiation, lycopene is reduced by 31% ~ 46%, and the content of other components is almost unchanged. Studies have shown that through the usual intake of food rich in lycopene can resist UV, avoid UV radiation to produce erythema. Lycopene can also quench the free radicals in the epidermis cells, and has obvious fading effect on the age spots.

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