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ENC Ginkgo Biloba Complex



Smile! Say goodbye to aging

Main raw materials/Ingredients:

Ginkgo Biloba Powder, Bamboo leaf flavones, Panax Ginseng C.A.Meyer, Blueberry, Green Soy Bean,Broccoli。

Product content:Each tablet contains ginkgo extract 200mg (according to the standard extraction, which contains 20% bamboo leaf flavonoids and 15% ginseng (artificial cultivation)), NMN3mg

Product specifications:

0.5 g x 60 capsules


Take 2 capsules per day

Storage Method:

Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening.


Great and Suitable for:

  1. Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Memory decline.
  3. High blood pressure, cerebral infarction, and insufficient blood supply to the brain.
  4. The hands and feet are cold, numb and limp due to poor blood circulation.
  5. Dizziness, headache, lack of oxygen in the brain, memory loss, lack of concentration, hearing loss and tinnitus.
  6. Need to improve the end of slightly obstacle, cold limbs, and easy to give birth to chilblain.
  7. Women who want to moisturize and nourish their skin and prevent the production of chloasma.
  8. People who want to adjust ear, nose, throat, microcirculation disorders and nerve disorders.
  9. Prevent premature aging and Alzheimer’s disease.


Product Features

International standard extraction adopted. Take ginkgo fruit as a raw material purifies and remove harmful toxins to human body. Ginkgo acid contains 20% bamboo leaf flavone, 15% ginseng (life grow) and other kinds of components of plant for strong anti-oxidation which can strengthen the circulation of eye, brain, and micro blood vessels.


Nutrition Knowledge:

Ginkgo, also known as a “living fossil” has existed on the earth from the ice age. In the early 1960s, Dr. Willar Schwabe in Germany first obtained ginkgo biloba extract from ginkgo biloba leaves. Through clinical demonstration, ginkgo biloba extract has significant effects on the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improvement of microcirculation and improvement of memory. Millions of people in Germany and France are taking ginkgo biloba, which is prescribed to combat memory loss, alzheimer’s and amnesia.

On dietetics, ginkgo biloba and fruit contain ginkgo lactone and flavonoids compound. Flavonoids is a kind of strong platelet activation factor inhibitor, it can inhibit platelet aggregation function and increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage accordingly. One should not overdose generally. It also dilates blood vessels, improves circulation, promotes blood flow to the brain and limbs. Because it helps increase blood flow to the brain, it improves memory and reduces the signs of aging. Ginkgo also helps prevent blood clots and is used to treat poor circulation.

Ginkgo supports the function of strong oxidation resistance and scavenging free radical, can protect blood vessel wall, free radical (the chemical substance that metabolism produces inside the body), excessive damages to the arterial blood vessel walls which accelerate human body ageing.

Ginkgo can activate platelet functions, so that the blood will not have block clots, which can prevent cardiovascular disease, cerebral thrombosis and stroke.

Note: If you are taking aspirin or anticoagulant, you should avoid edible ginkgo and other nutritional supplements at the same time, as it may produce the risk of abnormal coagulation. Fresh ginkgo contains some toxic ingredients and is not recommended.


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