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ENC Garlic Oil



Broad-spectrum antibiotic

Main raw materials/Ingredients:

Garlic oil, tomato seed oil, gelatin, purified water,glycerin。

Product content

Each grain contains concentrated allicin essence 10mg, NMN1mg

Product specifications:

0.5 g x 100 capsules


1-2 capsule per day

Storage Method:

Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening.


Great and Suitable for:

  1. Low immunity. People with colds and flu. Traveling tourists.
  2. High blood lipid, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  3. Patients with impaired pancreatic function and diabetes. Cancer patients. Low liver function


Product Features

  1. This product is made of fresh garlic freeze-dried and concentrated by modern biological extraction technology. It’s a capsule containing natural antibiotic garlic oil.
  2. Tasteless pungent smell, garlic has been known for its excellent bactericidal effect, but after eating one’s mouth will have a bad smell, but also has a stimulating effect on the mucous membrane, limited its extensive role. Eenexi garlic oil capsule special deodorization process, so say goodbye to bad smell and heartburn feelings in the gastrointestinal tract.


Nutrition Knowledge:

Allicin of garlic is a kind of sulfide. Allicin has a broad spectrum of antiviral activity and has a strong killing and inhibiting effect on a variety of viruses. At the same time, Allicin can also increase the number of immune cells in the body, so as to enhance immunity and effectively resist infectious diseases. It can also assist high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in cleaning up the “junk” cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, which helps maintain the body’s cholesterol at normal levels, thus promoting the health of the cardiovascular system. Scordinin helps blood circulation and metabolism, removes excess cholesterol from spreading, prevents high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

In compendium of materia medica, it is recorded that garlic has the functions of “returning to the five zang-organs, relieving pain and swollen ulcers, dispelling wind evil, killing poison gas, reducing water evil miasma, eliminating rheumatism, breaking cold wind, vilifying evil, treating sore tinea, strengthening spleen and stomach, fixing kidney gas, and stopping cholera”.

In addition, during the first world war in 1918, the wounded on both sides (the central and entente countries) were increasing day by day. But after the wound was treated with garlic juice, the infection was quickly brought under control and garlic was called a “lifesaver” by soldiers on the front line. Allicin, the potent ingredient in garlic, has been shown in numerous studies to help:

Lowering blood fat, cholesterol, anticoagulation, prevention of arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction and a significant role in lowering blood pressure. It can improve microcirculation, has obvious anti-atherosclerosis, protect cardiovascular function, reduce blood lipid and low-density lipoprotein, increase high-density lipoprotein, maintain cholesterol and triglyceride in normal level.

Increasing plasma insulin level has a beneficial effect on diabetic patients. Helps reduce blood glucose, improve the tolerance of the body to glucose, improve the human glucose metabolism and affect the synthesis of fat, so as to play a role in reducing blood glucose and also improve the tolerance of the body to glucose.

Scavenging free radicals help improve immunity and anti-aging functions. Increases the function activity of immune cells, and make immune function stronger. Garlic can promote blood circulation, which can quickly remove fatigue, improve sports performance and improve the phagocytic ability of macrophages.

Resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. Garlic can inhibit and kill many pathogenic bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus, meningococcal, escherichia coli, typhoid and paratyphoid, dysentery bacillus, tuberculosis bacillus, pertussis bacillus, vibrio cholerae, etc.). Therefore, garlic is known as a natural broad-spectrum plant antibacterial drug. Even now there are cyan, chain, chlorine, aureomycin and other powerful antibiotics, but garlic does not produce resistance, with berberine or sulfonamide drugs no cross-infection, so it still has its unique clinical application value.

Protect liver and prevent hepatitis. Garlic protects the liver by inhibiting the loss of lipid peroxidase to the cell membrane. It can reduce serum ALT(alanine aminotransferase) and AST(aspartic aminotransferase) levels caused by liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride. Garlic prevents the harmful element such as mercury, cadmium to be absorbed by intestinal wall, strengthen the detoxification function of liver, improve liver function thereby, prevent the happening of hepatitis to prevent tumor to happen. By preventing the formation of carcinogens, it enhances the detoxification performance.


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