Nourish in the

The main raw material

Ingredients: Cattle Placenta, Vitamin E, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Silica, Magnesium Stearate

Product Content:

Bovine placenta 250mg, vitamin E 20.1mg per tablet

Product Specifications:

0.5g x 30 tablets


For adults, one tablet a day

Storage mode:

Store in a cool, dry place, open and refrigerate.

Perfect for:


People who need to whiten skin, remove stains, improve skin and maintain skin.

The product features

1. The first-class supplier and the most precious raw material in the world: After long-term cooperation, the raw material suppliers of Argentina (commonly known as the cow-backed country) have professionally collected the Argentine hornless cattle. And choose quality cow placenta. Usually, the gestation period in cattle is 270-285 days (approximately 40 weeks), and the placenta status will vary with the gestation period. It can be divided into two variables, namely three levels: level 1 (optimal function and state), level 2 (maturity) and level 3 (senescence). Stage 1 is the early stage of placental maturation, usually between 30 and 32 weeks of gestation. This period is an important stage of calf formation. Growth is fast and all the nutrients needed are provided by the placenta. So, the placenta is the most functional. One of the best. Placenta Capsules are made of Grade 1 placenta as the main raw material.

2. Advanced technology: The placenta capsules produced by G21 Company are refined by the international advanced CO2 freeze-drying and low-temperature fine grinding technology, which can not only keep the fresh activity of cells, but also ensure the aseptic state.

3. Scientific formula: Guided by the theory of “Whole Body Health Protection”, it attaches more importance to the synergistic effect of nutrients, especially the addition of vitamin E, which greatly enhances the antioxidant capacity of bovine embryonic cells.

4. Domestic and foreign double detection certification: this is the Chinese Ministry of Health detection and approval of the earliest batch of products, Weijin Jianjian word (1998) 035, inspection cooperation

5. Safe and no distal end: Oral placenta capsule and passed the qualified test, safer than external medication or direct injection.

Nutrition knowledge:

The placenta contains three main nutrients and biologically active substances essential to the fetus: proteins, amino acids, globulin, various growth factors, SA amino acids, lipopolysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid substances, carbohydrates, fatty acids, enzymes, etc

In China: The placenta is also known as the purple river cart. It is made by cutting the umbilical cord from a fresh placenta delivered from a healthy viviparous animal, washing the attached blood, and then repeatedly soaking and bleaching it. It is also known as cell clothing and baby clothing. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the placenta is essentially sweet, salty and warm. It can enter the meridians of the lungs, heart and kidney and has the effect of nourishing the kidney, qi and nourishing the blood. The cow placenta used to replace the human placenta is also known as the Zodiac of the Bull. It is a relatively rare Chinese medicine and can be eaten. It has the effect of stopping sore and stopping dysentery. It is clinically used mainly for suppurative diseases such as bores, swelling, lymphangitis, cellulitis, and can also be used for severe diarrhea.

Modern medicine has inherited the essence of our ancient civilization. Studies have found that the placenta contains 8,000 nutrients, immune factors, growth factors, progesterone and gonadotropins, which promote the development of the reproductive organs of both men and women and are resistant to thyroid, tuberculosis, bronchitis and anaemia. The effect.

The most striking component of the placenta is gamma globulin. Its special role is to enhance the body’s immunity and prevent and treat measles, influenza, viral hepatitis and other diseases. The ancients said it well: the placenta cannot be compared with gold, stones, plants and coarse objects.


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